At this rustic retreat, discuss exciting opportunities for Christian entrepreneurs in theface of a darkening global climate.

Learn how to agree with God courageously as His plan unfolds, and why this is the most amazing time to be alive.

Prophetic Prayer Retreat

For three days in August of 2017, join Mikayla Kayne at a rustic lodge retreat center in Bristol, NY for an intimate time of prayer and spiritual equipping.

Mikayla’s first passion is the study of where we are in God’s timeline, watching for prophetic headlines and alignments of nations.

She has good news for believers, especially moms and heart-centered entrepreneurs. In all of human history, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive, and the years ahead are filled with possibilities for those who are investing what God gave them to advance His kingdom.

You can follow Mikayla’s prophetic news updates on this Facebook page: Biblical Truth + Current Events

Exact dates will be announced soon. 

Lodge accommodations are limited, but campsites are available. If you really hate to rough it, there is a hotel within 15 minutes of the retreat center. Meals are included.

Lodge: $459 per person

Campsite: $300 for one person or $495 for two or more

Staying off-site: $153 per person


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Interested in possibly attending the Prayer Retreat?

Interested in possibly attending the Prayer Retreat?

We'll keep you posted with updates regarding dates and registration.