Business or ministry development coaching to take your organization to the next level. Find the right strategy, maximize online tools to get sales, cut costs, and free up valuable time.

What you build today, God will elevate tomorrow.

God has deposited in you all that you need to achieve epic impact and live in abundance. He wants you to go after it, and show the world what a good Father He is by the way you are blessed and provided for. So why do we tolerate faltering business endeavors and broke ministries? God’s children shouldn’t beg, we should be the givers!

If you’re ready to grow your business or ministry, whether you’re just starting out or ten years into it, Mikayla Kayne can help you identify and break through barriers that are holding you back.

As a serial entrepreneur and former corporate trainer, Mikayla is an expert at imaging, positioning, and all things start-up. For many years, she provided small business management consulting and specialized in rescuing businesses from bankruptcy. Her tech know-how and adaptability has made her an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs and ministry leaders who need help mastering social media and the myriad of tech tools available to make their lives easier.

If you’re looking for a coach who will nag and prod you to move forward, keep looking. Mikayla works with self-starters who are ready to learn, ready to dig in and do the work. In her signature program, Elevation Ready, she takes leaders through three levels of custom coaching, tailored to your needs. Currently available as one on one coaching, Elevation Ready will launch as a group program in 2018.

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Interested in one on one coaching with Mikayla?

Interested in one on one coaching with Mikayla?

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