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It’s my privilege to help you give purpose to your testimony using my signature program, Elevation Ready, that takes you on a journey of discovering God’s strategy for developing your own vibrant, successful personal ministry, and experiencing big Kingdom impact, while doing less, and achieving more – plus, eliminating lack in the process.






Discover God’s strategy for YOU – for NOW, to use what He has invested in you to create big kingdom impact and abundance.

What is a ||Personal Ministry?||




A personal ministry is unique to you, it’s what you do without even realizing you’re doing it, because you were made to do it. It is the natural expression of the gifts and talents God invested in you, your life experiences and your testimony, employed with your own style, to impact the lives of the people you connect with every day. It is separate from your church or other corporate ministry activities, although it may grow to be larger than just you, as others are attracted to your style, your message, and your vision.

What are my Spiritual Gifts?




Not everyone has spiritual gifts. These are gifts given to Christians when they are baptized with the Holy Spirit, and He chooses which gifts, in what measure, to give to you. You can learn about the Gifts of the Spirit in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12-14. For a deeper study on the Gifts of the Spirit, I recommend Lester Sumrall’s book, The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit. Want to know what your spiritual gifts are? You can take this little quiz and get an idea…of course, no quiz can accurately assess you with any spiritual depth, so please ask God to help you understand and recognize the gifts He has given you. I guarantee you, He wants you to know.

What are my spiritual gifts?



What will the Elevation Ready Group Program do for me?




In my signature group program, you will identify your gifts, talents and abilities, become a master at sharing your testimony, and learn how all of those elements combine using God’s unique strategy for you to make Big Kingdom Impact and experience personal abundance. We will help you build or expand your personal ministry using 21st century tools and resources, teach you how to become a content creating powerhouse, and demystify the tech innovations that can automate your processes and free up your time. The goal is for you to emerge after six months with a rock solid vision and ministry plan, to be working that plan, and to be earning an income while changing lives and sharing the gospel message. We should be handing out, not reaching for hand-outs. You can have a vibrant, successful personal ministry that provides for your needs. God cares about your physical needs, and He promises that if you seek Him, if you pursue the Kingdom and His Kingdom agenda…that your needs will be met. But you are not a bird, or a flower. He won’t always hand you what you need when you need it…He wants to partner with you and share His strategy for abundance with you.

You can enroll for the Elevation Ready Group Program in whole or part, because I realize we’re not all at the same place in our journey. If you’re just getting started, enroll for Level One.

Elevation Ready – Level One:
Identify your gifts, talents and abilities, combine them with your education and life experiences to uncover your unique testimony that will transform lives. We also work on personal healing and spiritual development to ensure that you’re in the best possible position from which to help others.

Elevation Ready – Level Two:
Define your audience, direction, goals, and determine which products or tools you will use to communicate your message.

Elevation Ready – Level Three:
Strategize with God! Develop a business/ministry plan that taps into God’s unique strategy for using His investment in you to set you on the path to success. We learn about project planning and develop an action plan for your first launch.

Elevation Ready – Level Four:
Design your brand, develop your online presence, and discover tools to make social media easier to manage. Start building your contact list!

Elevation Ready – Level Five:
Craft your marketing and social media plans. Learn how to use free online resources to create sales funnels, host webinars, and manage your schedule.


Isn't it Wrong to Make Money?

Since we’re talking about ministry, as the leader of your own personal ministry, I believe these verses about teachers and leaders apply to you:

Luke 10:7 – The worker is worthy of his wages (talking to the 70 apostles as they were sent out, about not feeling guilty to take lodging, food and drink from the people they will be teaching.)

1 Timothy 5:18 – Do not muzzle an ox while he is treading out the grain, and, the worker is worthy of his wages (talking about elders, and not only the preaching/teaching elders, but any who are good leaders and building up the body)

Galatians 6:6 says the one who is taught the message must share his goods with the teacher.

Church culture today is so warped from what it was designed to be. We have so many examples of abuses of power and finances, as well as pastors and church workers living in poverty because of wrong thinking about finances and God’s work.

He gave us gifts, talents and abilities (the work of our hands) for more than one reason, not only to advance the Kingdom, but to make a living here and now. Those of us who spend our lives in God’s service aren’t supposed to live in poverty, that wasn’t His plan. I agree, living in excess wasn’t His plan either, but even in the OT, He took very good care of the Levites, and extended that to the full time musicians in the Temple who also made an income.

Since things are broken, do we have to put up with the way things are?

I believe God has a strategy for each of us. A personal strategy to take our gifts, talents, abilities, testimonies…and turn them into double portion investment returns. Double in the sense that when we follow His strategy, they will have Kingdom Advancing returns, and also tangible financial returns so our needs are met and God can show off how well He takes care of His children.

I had this mindset problem most of my life until I realized…by not partnering with the Holy Spirit for this investment strategy, we are CHOOSING to remain in poverty and lack, and making Him look BAD in the process! Never would I have admitted to CHOOSING to live in lack, it’s really more of ignorance…I didn’t understand that God’s plan for my finances could be tied to His plan for my ministry. I thought that was an EVIL IDEA!

But that has meant that I’ve had to choose between ministry and having my family’s basic needs met, and I think that’s a MORE evil idea. I finally admitted that I felt let down by God about this, and I had allowed the enemy to convince me that He didn’t want the BEST for me, He was holding out on me, and my only reward would ever be after I was dead.

At the rate we were going, our kids wouldn’t even be able to BURY us, much less live on any inheritance. Yet the Bible says in Proverbs 13:22 that a good man leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren, while the sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. If that’s true, and I believe it is, then somehow, there is WEALTH that has been stored up in the here and now for ME (and YOU). Because no sinner has wealth in heaven – that verse is talking about tangible real-world finances. I’ve prayed about this for a solid year – begging God to answer and to show me how this truth could be put to work in my life.

I heard from several seekers and new believers how they struggle to believe God really cares, because all they see is the [C]hurch with hands out needing money, instead of hands doling out from the abundance they keep talking about that God supposedly gives them. They wondered why people like me and my family who have been in full time ministry for going on ten years were still living below poverty level, with no insurance, no reliable vehicle, hand me down clothes and bad teeth. Without us ever complaining, they saw that God appeared to not be meeting our needs, and they thought, “If He isn’t taking care of YOU, and you guys do everything right, how can I expect Him to do ANYTHING in my life? I’ll never be as committed to God as you guys are.”

I honestly have felt forgotten by God too, with every broken tooth and tow truck call. I have wondered, why IS this so hard?

Then I was reading John 21 again, and it hit me square in the face. I was expecting God to meet our needs supernaturally or through blessing or obedience of others, which He did, on the small scale, again and again, but not in a quality-of-life-changing way. I’m very grateful for those blessings, without them we would not have survived, but I suspected there was something I was missing.

I noticed in John 21, that Jesus didn’t swoosh fish up in the boat. He didn’t manifest them in a heap at His feet and call the guys in to breakfast. He stood a ways off, and shouted a STRATEGY to them, that utilized their skill and ability, to haul in ABUNDANCE for themselves.

Yes, God does feed the birds and “clothe” the flowers in the field, but they don’t have brains, and gifts, and abilities. We do – and God loves to partner with us with strategies and let us put our brains to good use.

Where should I begin?

The best place to begin is with one of my free challenges that you can find in the Elevation Ready Facebook group. This will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with me, and the kind of clarity and vision you can uncover with a little help. Challenges are perfect if you aren’t sure where you fit in God’s plan, or what your gifts even are. It’s also good if you’ve been doing ministry at one level or another for a while, but aren’t seeing the kinds of results you want or expect.

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